The Paper Publication can be purchased for 9 including postage from Dr R H G Whaley, North East Hants Historical and Archaeological Society, 2 Rotherwick Court, Alexandra Road, Farnborough GU14 6DD. It includes a map of the Roman Roads featured in the Abstracts, and the map of all the Roman Roads in the area covered with their Star Ratings indicated. This stretches up to Gloucester, down to Devon, and to London.

Library Orders. Libraries receive a copy of the Abstracts when a new Version Number is issued. This occurs when there has been substantial changes from the previous version number. The cost is 10, for which the Library receives the latest printed version, as well as automatically a copy of the next Version Number when it is issued together with an Invoice (payment of which secures the subsequent Version Number when it is issued, and so on). New Version Numbers will be issued at irregular intervals, depending on the number of new Abstracts, and will have a new Version Number, such as Version 3. Addition of a few abstracts only, causing a change on the Web, or a new printed version, will be denoted by say Version 3.1 - Libraries will not be sent these (except for their first Library Order). Version 1 was issued in March 1999, there was a Version 1.1, and Version 2 was issued in January 2000. The first Web version was 2.1 in February 2000. Version 3 was issued in April 2004, and Version 5 in July 2010. Version 6 was issued June 2013.

Accessing Web Versions costs 3 for three years. You will be sent the URL by Email, enabling you to access the Contents with hypertext links to the individual Abstracts, Introduction, Star Ratings shown on a colour map, and the Abstracts (which will be up-dated soon after receipt of new information). There will also be facilities to print out a full size A4 landscape version of the colour map, and an option to print out a black and white version. These maps will be in high resolution 360 dots per inch.

Please make cheques payable to: NEHHAS - Field Archaeology Branch


Further entries and comments can be sent to Dr R H G Whaley, North East Hants Historical and Archaeological Society - Field Archaeology Branch , 2 Rotherwick Court, Alexandra Road, Farnborough GU14 6DD. Email: Contact Us

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